The snare drum is the drummer’s key instrument.

It is the focus of every drum set – when it comes to the look and tone – and drummers spend lots of playing time on their snares.

This is why a custom snare drum should express the individual wishes of the drummer who plays it.

The snare drums we build at Richter Drums contain our years of experience and high standards of quality in each step of the creation process – in addition to the wood and details of your dreams.

Select an instrument from our

current product line – Black Cherry Snare Drums – or design a custom snare drum and have us build it.

Black Cherry Snare Drums

American cherry (black cherry) is an outstanding choice of wood for making musical instruments, which is why we use it for the Black Cherry Snare Drums line from Richter Drums.

Black cherry is a hard, strong wood with a fine grain. It darkens naturally when exposed to light.

Snare drums with stave shells hand crafted from black cherry have good attack and a warm, balanced sound.

Based on the black cherry wood, you can vary other details such as the head and sticks to achieve a variety of tones.

Black Cherry Snare Drums shells are 13 mm thick.

At the front, the hoops Richter Drums typically uses reinforce the shell on the edges.

The bearing edges are cut at a 45° angle from the inner surface and arch to the outside.

The snare bed is 1.5 mm deep, which guarantees a very fine response.

Black Cherry Snare Drums come with Remo Coated Ambassador® batter heads and Remo Ambassador Snare Side heads.

Custom orders

Richter Drums will build the snare drum of your dreams for you.

You give us the details of your new custom snare drum – including the type of wood for the shell, the shell size and its properties, the bearing edges and the hardware – and we build it according to your wishes and specifications. The result: a unique instrument when it comes to look and tone.